Tower of the Sun 1967–2018 —What did Tarō Okamoto Question—

Period: Part I. October 13(Fri)2017 – February 18 (Sun) 2018 Part II. February 21 (Wed) — May 27 (Sun) 2018

In March 2018 the Tower of the Sun will finally be reborn. Taking advantage of the opportunity presented by seismic retrofitting work on the tower, the long-neglected interior has been renovated and transformed into a permanent exhibition space. ‘“The Tree of Life” is the Tower of the Sun’s bloodstream, the folds in the interior walls are the ‘folds of its brain’.” That is how Tarō Okamoto described it. The Tower of the Sun is a ‘living being’ with internal organs. The Tower of the Sun has recovered its internal organs and reawoken after half a century. We would like to take this opportunity to ask ourselves once more, ‘What is the Tower of the Sun’? In this exhibition we will trace the fifty-year history of the tower, from 1967, when Tarō Okamoto participated as producer of Osaka’s Expo ’70, until 2018 when the interior was recreated, and consider Tarō Okamoto’s intentions in creating the Theme Pavilion/Tower of the Sun. With the full cooperation of the Kaiyodo Company, a leading manufacturer of figurines, we ventured to recreate a miniature three-dimensional model of the Theme Pavilion. All that remained of this artistic exhibition space was photographs but this model allows us to re-experience it in three dimensions. It is something that has never been tried before. What was the question that Tarō Okamoto confronted Japanese society with at that time? What will it provide for us living today? What will it change? I would like to think about this together with the reincarnated Tower of the Sun.