Upcomming / Current Exhibition

Upcomming / Current Exhibition

A Face is A Universe

July 14(Wed.)2021-November 14(Sun.)2021

A face is a universe.
A face is self, it is other, it is all.
The eyes are placed in the exact center. They are holes, one with the universe, allowing us to interact with it.
Every possible layer of beauty in the world possesses various faces and also eyes.
Round eyes, sharp eyes, sunken eyes…all types of eye glare, challenge, and confirm absolutes in each other.
The universe of a single face contains countless other faces, all with gleaming eyes.
They possess an indescribable feeling of reality .

Now is Everything! A Challenge from Calligrapher Koji Kakinuma part II

November 18(thu.)2021-March 13(sun.)2022

The special exhibition, “Garbled Characters ― A Challenge from Calligrapher Koji Kakinuma,” was held in 2010. In this exhibition, Koji Kakinuma presented an open studio featuring what he describes as the ‘trance work’ technique, repeatedly writing the two Japanese characters, “ま” and “え,” to fill a whole wall in a performance the like of which has never been seen before.
The following year, 2011, as part of the celebrations to mark the centenary of Taro Okamoto’s birth, Kakinuma carried out a project using calligraphy to turn Taro’s words into art. This resulted in the publication of the book, “Trance-mission.”
Ten years have passed since then but once again, the stage has been set at the Taro Okamoto Memorial Museum for Koji Kakinuma to create to a unique form of expression.

Past Exhibition

Tarō Okamoto’s Tōhoku

Period: July 1 (Sat.) - October 9 (Mon.), 2017 In association with Taro Okamoto Museum of Art, Kawasaki

In 1957, five years after he discovered Jōmon culture, Tarō Okamoto set out on a trip in search of the true essence of Japanese culture and the first place he visited was the Tōhoku region, where he encountered ‘primeval Japan’.
Tōhoku was a poor region, cut off from the rest of the country in the winter, but there he discovered a ‘spirit of magic’ in dialog with an invisible power, still existed.


Twenty Year’s of the TARO Award/Twenty Enfants Terrible

Exhibition Period: March 12 (Sun)— June 18 (Sun), 2017

Left alone following Tarō Okamoto’s death, Toshiko proved much more resilient than many of us had feared. She said that it was her job to transmit a knowledge of Tarō’s work to the next generation and set about achieving this without delay.


Noritaka Tatehana, Aesthetics of Magic

Exhibition Period: November 3, 2016— March 5, 2017

Taro Okamoto is an exceptional artist who goes far beyond my comprehension and makes me want to think that he himself is the magic. All his life, Taro never sold his work with his own hands. For Taro, resisting the society was his way of interfering with the society with all his might.


Tarō Okamoto’s Okinawa

Period: July 6 (wed)— October 30 (Sun), 2016 In association with Okinawa Television Development Co., Ltd. Sachiko Nagata

In November 1959 Tarō Okamoto visited American administered Okinawa for the first time.
It was to be a well-deserved holiday and even Toshiko, who never went anywhere without her writing materials, set off without so much as a notebook. However, no sooner did they arrive than all thought of a vacation was banished.


The Dignity of Life — Tarō Okamoto’s Jōmon

Exhibition Period: March 2 - July 3 , 2016

A fateful meeting in November 1951 resulted in Tarō Okamoto finding a ‘lifelong friend’. Five years after he had resumed his artistic activities in Japan following the war, he happened to visit Tokyo National Museum in Ueno where he encountered a pot dating from the Jōmon period (14,000–300 BC).


Confronting the Tower of the Sun!

Exhibition Period: October 28 , 2015 - February 28 , 2016

Let’s make the most of this, the greatest roof in the world. That was what I thought as I looked at a model of the vast horizontal line created by this structure and I felt an overpowering impulse to smash through it. I wanted to challenge the graceful plain surface of the vast roof with something absurd.


The ‘Trees’ of Taro Okamoto

Exhibition Period: June 17 - October 25 , 2015

Taro Okamoto felt a great affinity with ‘trees’. The sight of them reaching up to the heavens made him aware of the dynamism of life. He superimposed human ideals on the youthful spreading of their limbs and felt they represented a circuit through which people could commune with heaven.


Taro Okamoto’s ‘Life Forms’

Exhibition Period: February 18 - June 14 , 2015

Overall, the ‘Tree of Life’ Forms a Single ‘Life Form’
When he was planning the ‘Tower of the Sun’, Taro decided to build the ‘Tree of Life’ within it.


The‘Words’of Taro Okamoto

Exhibition Period: October 1 , 2014 - February 15 , 2015

During the course of his life, Taro Okamoto published a huge number of books and other writings. It is probably true to say that there has never been another artist who devoted so much enthusiasm to words.
Traditions, culture, the Jomon period, Okinawa, Mexico, skiing, the subtleties of men and women.....

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