Upcomming / Current Exhibition

Upcomming / Current Exhibition

The Scars of Inspiration

March 24(fri.)2023-July 9(sun.)2023

‘When he decides he wants to paint, the picture is as good as finished.’ So said Toshiko Okamoto.
The usual process artists employ when creating a picture is to draw numerous esquisses as they gradually develop their concept,
tarobut Taro took the opposite approach. Once he felt the urge to paint,
an image of the finished work already existed in his head.

Past Exhibition

‘Meeting Taro’


Care has been taken to preserve the studio, guest room and garden just as they were when Taro Okamoto was still alive. We hope that you will be able to meet Taro in this explosive space, filled with his energy, together with artistic furniture and a forest of molds for his sculptures and monuments.

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