Upcomming / Current Exhibition

Upcomming / Current Exhibition

The Myth of Tomorrow and the Tower of the Sun

November 29(Wed.)2023-March 10(Sun.)2024

From October to November 2023, the Myth of Tomorrow will undergo the first major restoration to be carried out in fifteen years since it was installed in Tokyo’s Shibuya station. This year marks the initial phase of this long-term restoration project and will involve work on the rightmost four panels over a period of 40 days. It is the start of an effort to preserve this great work for the enjoyment of future generations.

Taro’s Dance

March 15(Fri.)2024-July 7(Sun.)2024

In 1952 Taro Okamoto created a tile mosaic entitled, ‘Dance.’  Unlike unique works of art, like oil paintings, it is possible to create numerous copies of mosaics and furthermore, these can be displayed outdoors. This allows art to become more accessible to society, that is what he thought. They represent the true the embodiment of Taro Okamoto’s philosophy of art. 

Past Exhibition

‘Taro’s Sun 2’

August 19, 1998 - October 4, 1998

The eleven ceramic wall designs that were produced to decorate the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building in 1956 disappeared when the building was demolished.
In this exhibition we will present the original large-scale sketches for this work as well as the actual-size plaster molds.


‘Taro’s Sun’

July 1, 1998 - August 16, 1998

The studio, guest room and garden all remain exactly as they were in Taro’s day, retaining so much of Taro Okamoto’s power that you almost expect him to appear at any moment.


‘Meeting Taro’


Care has been taken to preserve the studio, guest room and garden just as they were when Taro Okamoto was still alive. We hope that you will be able to meet Taro in this explosive space, filled with his energy, together with artistic furniture and a forest of molds for his sculptures and monuments.

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