Upcomming / Current Exhibition

Upcomming / Current Exhibition

One Century of Taro Okamoto

July 20(wed.)2022-November 20(sun.)2022

This exhibition will present an overview of the eighty-four years of Taro Okamoto’s life as an artist together with the projects that have taken place since his death and the activities carried out by the Memorial Museum over a period of more than twenty years.
We sincerely hope you will enjoy this short trip into ‘One Century of Taro Okamoto.’

Past Exhibition

‘Taro’s Pieta’

October 6, 1999 - December 27, 1999

You may think it strange that Taro Okamoto would produce a Pieta, a picture of the body of Christ being held by his grieving mother after having been taken down from the cross. It is a common theme in European art, but I do not think I have seen many examples of one by a Japanese artist.


‘Taro and Living Creatures’  

July 7, 1999 - October 4, 1999

‘I was born Tokyo’s Aoyama 6 Chome and lived there during my childhood. In those days there were no surfaced roads in Japan and the air was always filled with the smell of earth and numerous insects flew in front of my eyes.


‘Taro’s Eroticism’  

April 7, 1999 - July 4, 1999

Taro’s eroticism is not a form of sweet, moody love. A woman bending backwards, a man approaching without restraint. The man himself is being ripped apart. There can be no joy without tension and pain. That is what it seems to say.


‘TARO’s Mother and Child’

January 6, 1999 - April 4, 1999

Taro Okamoto―Mother, people immediately think of Kanoko Okamoto and it is a fact that his mother, Kanoko, was a big influence in the making of Taro Okamoto, the artist. Intense, pure, devoted. Mother and child resembled each other closely.


‘TARO’s Festival’

October 7, 1998 - December 27, 1998

The original paintings of playing cards shown in this exhibition will probably come as a surprise to those of you for whom the name Taro Okamoto conjures up an image of large-scale, intense, dynamic works. In 1977 a specialist Belgian playing card company wanted to produce some original, artistic cards and Taro was commissioned to create hand-drawn designs for the kings, queens, jacks and aces for the four suites as well as two jokers, a total of eighteen cards in all.


‘Taro’s Sun 2’

August 19, 1998 - October 4, 1998

The eleven ceramic wall designs that were produced to decorate the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building in 1956 disappeared when the building was demolished.
In this exhibition we will present the original large-scale sketches for this work as well as the actual-size plaster molds.


‘Taro’s Sun’

July 1, 1998 - August 16, 1998

The studio, guest room and garden all remain exactly as they were in Taro’s day, retaining so much of Taro Okamoto’s power that you almost expect him to appear at any moment.


‘Meeting Taro’


Care has been taken to preserve the studio, guest room and garden just as they were when Taro Okamoto was still alive. We hope that you will be able to meet Taro in this explosive space, filled with his energy, together with artistic furniture and a forest of molds for his sculptures and monuments.

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